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Trainee Crew Opportunity – Hartlepool Tall Ships Regatta

TallShipsRace_2003-Turku-fin_Mir1The coming summer, July 2014, will see some of the world’s most majestic tall ships come to the UK to participate in the Betsson Hartlepool-Greenwich International Tall Ship Regatta. At least 30 tall ships will congregate for the start of the regatta in Hartlepool before making their way up the Thames to Greenwich Docks via the Isle of Wight.

And the Cornwall Marine Network (CMN) has partnered with regatta organisers to offer young people from Cornwall a once in a lifetime chance to participate in next year’s Hartlepool to Royal Greenwich Regatta by signing up to be a trainee member of the crew. Richard Mowbray of Cornwall Marine Network says “CMN is extremely proud to be involved with supporting the prestigious Tall Ships 2014 event. It is a wonderful opportunity for young people right across Cornwall and further afield to take part in a truly once in a lifetime experience.”

Promoting the opportunity, young Norwegian Erik Norveidt spoke of his own experience as a trainee aboard a tall ship. ‘I feel like my two weeks as part of the crew gave me more experience and taught me more about the world than my whole life up to that point. The friendships, the tough moments, the failures, the successes, the sounds, smells and the whole experience – I’ll never forget it. I learned so much and about myself also’.

The opportunity is not only open to young people. Anyone who has the enthusiasm and can take a month off over the summer for training and the regatta itself can apply to become a trainee with the crew of a tall ship. The trainees will take an active role in each and every aspect involved in the running of the ship, regardless of age or experience.

The cost that trainees must cover to take part ranges from between £500 to £1000. There are however a number of funding and sponsorship opportunities available through which that money can be raised. Anyone with the enthusiasm and interest to take part should get in touch with the Cornwall Marine Network for further information.