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    We guarantee same day service if you call
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    We guarantee same day service if you call us before noon! Read the most common mistakes people make with their boilers and what not to do when searching for a new boiler. If you have an unsightly expansion tank in your attic and a large water cylinder covered in green foam insulation, you’ve got a conventional boiler. The new boiler keeps the house warm i’d recommend it to other older people.

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    Quite simple they are buying
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    Quite simple, they are buying your carbon reduction as you are going from an old and inefficient boiler to a new a rated high efficiency boiler. Water hardness refers to calcium and magnesium content water qualifies as “soft” when it contains less than 75 mg of calcium carbonate per litre in 2015, calgary’s water supply ranged from 140 to 238 mg/l the value does vary seasonally (tending to be higher in the winter) and regionally.